Kingpen Banana Sherbet

$65.00 $45.00


Weight: 1 Gram

Strain Type : Sativa

Product Flavor: Banana Sherbet

Packaging: Ziplock bag

Material: Glass

THC Level : 87.5%



Buy Banana Sherbet Kingpen

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So Buy Banana Sherbet Kingpen (not to be confused with Sour Banana Sherbet) is believed (by some) to be a blissful, energetic, motivating and fairly creative. Possibly 50/50, Indica/Sativa or just slightly Sativa-Dominant, daytime hybrid mix of either Interstellar or Banana Kush and Sunset Sherbet. So often motivating consumers to engage in art, music or writing, this is a fruity. Banana-y strain. kingpen banana sherbet, kingpen banana sherbet review, kingpen banana sherbet cartridge, kingpen banana sherbet hybrid, kingpen banana sherbet 1000mg, banana sherbet king pen cartridge, kingpen banana sherbet price


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